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Manufacture and sale of fire tanker trucks, fire trucks

ST-Auto, JSC is an industrial enterprise specializing in fire fighting equipment, especially the design, production, sale of specialized vehicles for various purposes. The first fire trucks were rolled off the production line of our factory more than 15 years ago. Since then the company has not stopped its development in the production of special equipment of a new generation, equipped according to the international standards, focusing on traditions and introducing new technologies.

Nowadays the factory of fire-fighting equipment ST-Auto, JSC presents more than 30 modifications of fire trucks on the shassis of trucks GAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, Ural, Hyundai, FUSO Canter.

gaz uaz kamaz mitsubishi hyundai ural

The range of fire trucks and specialized equipment include:

  1. Basic general-purpose and special purpose fire trucks. This is the largest group that includes fire tanker trucks – a universal maneuverable and reliable special transport that can be used as an independent unit or pumping station;
  2. Special fire fighting equipment. This group includes a wide range of special fire trucks, such as:
    • The first aid vehicle is a highly dynamic specialized vehicle equipped with everything necessary to start fighting fire and rescue operations;
    • Fire-fighting and rescue vehicle — with the use of this equipment, a rescue team, a stock of fire-extinguishing media (FEM), firefighting equipment (FFE), special equipment, communications equipment, lighting devices are delivered to the place of fire;
    • An emergency rescue vehicle is a highly dynamic specialized vehicle equipped with everything necessary to start fighting fire and rescue operations;
    • Hose car — with the use of this equipment, a stock of hose pipes, FFE, special equipment for mechanized laying and cleaning of hose pipes is delivered to the place of emergency response;
    • Forest-patrol fire tanker trucks have got the main purpose which is the delivery of a combat crew, a stock of FEM, FFE to a fire center formed in woodlands.
  1. Components for fire trucks. This group presents products of its own production for installation and laying on fire trucks.

The design, production, sale of tanker trucks and other fire equipment is carried out in accordance with the certificate of conformity GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001: 2008), its validity is confirmed annually. Our factory of fire equipment is recognized by the international community which is confirmed by the Certificate of Assignment of WMI — a unique international code of the vehicle manufacturer.

Our philosophy

Our priorities are highly qualified specialists, an integrated approach to solving problems, including non-standard ones, strict compliance with the highest requirements and standards of the Russian Federation and the international community. The following helps us produce fire-fighting vehicles that can withstand serious tests in the extreme conditions of Russian reality:

  • Continuous improvement of the production base;
  • Strict requirements for compliance with all the subtleties of technological processes at each stage of the production of the equipment;
  • Input control of components and materials received from absolutely reliable and proven suppliers;
  • An unprecedented quality control system for manufactured fire trucks with the detection of defects at the very initial stages, rather than their elimination.
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