Forest-patrol fire tanker trucks

Forest-patrol fire trucks are designed to extinguish fire in the forest or just outside the city, where there are no high-quality roads and compliance with the dimensions of the driveway which are established by fire safety rules. Such a fire truck should be compact, but at the same time it should have quite a lot of water, as well as have good maneuverability and increased cross-country ability.
3 cars
FT 1.6-40 (33086)L FT 1.6-40 (33086)L
up to 3000 L4х4
FT 1.6-40 (33086)L FT 1.6-40 (33086)L
up to 3000 L4х4
FT 1.0-40 (33086)L FT 1.0-40 (33086)L
up to 3000 L4х4

Types and purposes

The forest-patrol fire tanker truck itself is a type of fire equipment, therefore it is classified only according to the additional characteristics. It can be both the basic equipment of the special services, which is made on the compact chassis with increased cross-country capability, and a passenger car (pickup) with a set of fire-fighting equipment, or even a tractor with a trailer with fire extinguishing complex.

The main purpose of such equipment is to fight fires everywhere there are no high-quality roads. The primary purpose is to extinguish forest fires, as the vehicle can drive off-road, fit into the gap between closely growing trees and maneuver sharply. Due to these advantages, the same equipment is used to work in any suburban conditions, including the maintenance of residential, suburban buildings and outbuildings in villages, where there is no provision for appropriate travel standards.


Not every vehicle provides for chassis which are designed specially for off-road driving, so the choice is relatively limited. There are three variants to choose:

  • GAZ — Gorky Automobile Plant with production in Nizhny Novgorod, its products in Russia can be considered to be the best variant for the construction of forest-patrol vehicles;
  • KamAZ — Kama Automobile Plant from Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan), is a supplier of chassis for an impressive number of models of basic and special fire equipment, including forest patrol vehicles;
  • MAZ is a Minsk automobile plant located in the capital of Belarus, its chassis is occasionally used for the installation of fire equipment.